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My copy of Fangirl, beside items from fandoms I Fangirl over. Including my Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes and Arya Stark pop vinyls. And my laptop with its 10th Doctor and Hermione Granger laptop skin.

5 stars.

” Underneath this veneer of slightly crazy and socially inept I’m a complete disaster.”

This was my first ever Rainbow Rowell novel, I walked past it in the shops and instantly knew that I had to read it. I was hooked by the title alone.

Now I know this book isn’t going to be everybody’s cup of tea. But for those who are a part of any fandom on the internet, will undoubtedly be able to connect to some part of this book.

This book tells the coming-of-age story of twins Cath and Wren who are heading to college, and whilst Wren wants to go out partying and living the “college life”. Cath wants things to stay the same and is perfectly content writing Simon Snow fan fiction in the confines of her dorm room.

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