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It’s been a while… | Life Update

Hi guys,

Wow its been ages since I wrote anything here, life got crazy and I couldn’t keep on top of everything. So I had to let some things slip so that I could focus on others.

The main reason I took a step back was because of my mental health. I was feeling overwhelmed by trying to create content, that I stopped making things and then I felt bad for not posting, which made me feel worse, and thus a vicious cycle was born.

Plus trying to find the balance between full time work, my hobbies, being social, and self care isn’t easy. I thought getting full time work would solve certain problems, and it did with some. I have more financial security, but I also have less time for the things I enjoy. So I had to learn that it was okay that I had let this slip, and to stop making myself feel bad about it. That everyone in the online book community would be there once I was ready to return.

I’ve been seeing someone to help with my mental health, and the bad days have lessened. They are still there, but they aren’t as frequent. My job is going well, and people recognise my contributions which is nice, in fact next month will be my one year anniversary with the company.

One step, one day at a time. That is how I am taking this year, and what a year its been. I’ve been quite ill 5 times (my immune system has been awful), had a couple minor surgeries, and fell down the steps at work (which I’ve seen a physiotherapist for and she recently discharged me as she is happy with my knees progress).

Its been quite a year, and its not even finished yet. I’ve got my fingers crossed for no more issues, because I am so over being sick.

But I finally feel like I am at a place where I can tentatively return to the book community, it will be a while before I’m posting regularly to either Instagram or this blog, but its a start.

Thanks for sticking it out with me x

Why reading is my comfort and inspiration

A photo of the top three shelves of my bookcase that is scattered with little pop vinyls

“We read to know that we’re not alone”
– William Nicholson

I have always had a passion for books which is why Nicholson’s quote resonates with me. It was through reading that I discovered who I was. Books gave me a way to escape my worries, my stress and anxieties. In books, I was the heroine I longed to be in real life. They also inspired me; I started thinking that I would love to be able to write something that could affect others the way my favourite books affected me.

However, I hit a few bumps in the road. When I was younger, I was bullied and put down by my peers and even some teachers. When I decided to try my hand at writing a few short stories in primary school, I was always proud of the fact that I could write 10 pages where my classmates would only write three. I was filled to the brim with ideas and I couldn’t wait to pour them onto the page creating my own little masterpiece. But a certain teacher tried to squash these habits. I was made to feel bad about writing, because “it caused him to have to stay up late because of how long the stories were”.

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