May Wrap Up & June TBR


I know it is a bit late in the month to be posting this. However, I made a promise to myself to post a wrap up each month this year, and I want to keep it.

I seem to have hit my stride, reading wise, so to say. In April, I did really well, and the streak continues. Last month I read four book, which isn’t as good as April’s five but still better than the one book in March.

Considering I’m still on low shifts and minimal work, I have more time to myself to read, though currently reading has been battling for my attention ever since I took up knitting again. I wish I could do both, and maybe there is a way, it would just require some balancing. So, if anyone knows any tips to knit and read simultaneously please let me know.

Wrap Up

Cover for This Savage Song, The Divide, All the Bright Places and the Hunt which are the book I read in May,

In May, I read these four books:

  • This Savage Song by V.E. Schwab. This was my first Schwab book, and I loved it. The premise of the story was intriguing and it lived up to the hype I heard online about it. I adored the monsters, the logic around how they were created made sense. Definitely can’t wait to get my hands on sequel.
  • The Secret Circle: The Divide by L.J. Smith. Well this went in a direction I could not have predicted. It definitely feels like they are just continuing this series for the sake of it. So I have no idea where or why this story is going to go from here.
  • All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I have never read a Niven book before this, but oh boy will I be picking up more of her work because this was beautiful. It was also heartbreaking, and I loved it.
  • The Secret Circle: The Hunt by L.J. Smith. This was quite interesting, it escalated quite a bit since the last book. So, I am quite intrigued to see how things wrap up in the final book.


The covers of: The Temptation, Clockwork Princess, Fangirl and American Gods these are the books I hope to read in June.

My June TBR, is probably quite ambitious, especially since I’ve been completely preoccupied by my knitting, so I hope to finish at least two of the books I’m planning to read to stay ahead of my Goodreads challenge.

  • The Secret Circle: The Temptation by L.J. Smith. This is the final book. I am looking forward to being done with this series. It just feels like the last few have dragged on and as I said above, were written just for the sake of continuing the story. Even if it causes the original tale to deteriorate.
  • The Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare. This has been on my TBR for almost every month this year, and now I have finally started it. I think I was delaying it because it is my favourite subset of the Cassandra Clare Shadow hunter world, and I’m just not ready to be finished with the London Institute and its inhabitants, however, I am too curious to see how things conclude.
  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. This will be a reread, but I wanted to read something light and happy, and in many ways, I see parts of myself in Fangirl.
  • American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I want to start because my boyfriend and I just started watching the American Gods TV show on STARZ, and since neither of us have read the book, it is sometimes difficult to follow. Usually I either read the book before I watch a show, or after the series has concluded so that my feelings of the two don’t get confused with each other (if that makes sense). Because the episodes jump about quite a bit, I am tempted to break that rule, although I might just see how we go with a few more episodes.

Let me know what books are on your TBR, or thought on the books above.

I have also done a wrap up for February, March, and April, so please feel free to check those out too.

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